Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Weekend Is Almost Here!



Are you going to a party this weekend? Maybe you are hosting a party this weekend. Why not order a delicious cookie platter from Cookies By Mabel?  Choose from a large selection of cookies and brownies. It is not too late for weekend delivery! Enjoy the cooler weather with some wonderful homemade cookies and your favorite hot or cold beverage!

Beat The Heat!


Stay cool , this weather will break soon! Cookies By Mabel bakes on in any weather, so don’t forget to order cookies for all your activities. How about some breads and cakes made with in season local fruit? Order now and enjoy the summer!

Blueberry Season!


It’s Blueberry picking time! Get out to your local farm and pick some delicious Blueberries. When you get them home, freeze some and bake up the rest in your favorite Blueberry recipes! How about Blueberry Pound Cake or Blueberry Muffins? I know what I will be doing this weekend! Enjoy!

Stormy Weather!


Watch out for the  strong summer storms we are getting. What a good time to enjoy some cookies, especially when you let Cookies By Mabel do all the work! Stay safe, stay cool and don’t forget the cookies!!!!